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Kyrgyzstan Private Tours

Private Kyrgyzstan Tours & Tailor-made Guided Trips to Kyrgyzstan

A traveler visiting Kyrgyzstan today enjoys a rare opportunity to encounter the authentic Central Asia.

Kyrgyzstan lies between the deserts of Uzbekistan, the plains of Kazakhstan, and Western China. The two mountain ranges that cross it, Tien Shan and Pamir, include some of the highest mountains in the world, giving Kyrgyzstan glaciers that even the scorching Asian sun can’t melt, raging mountain rivers and rushing streams, vast expanses of snow that turn into meadows bursting with mountain flowers, and magnificent fertile valleys. Another reason to tour Kyrgyzstan is to learn about the history and culture of different nations, since Kyrgyzstan is the home of over 5000 historical and cultural sites, some the remains of extinct nations and cultures that are part of the country’s history.

Authentico invites you to tour authentic Central Asia and offers private tours of Kyrgyzstan. We’ll be happy to advise you in choosing the route that best suits your needs.

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