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About Authentico Premium Tours

Authentico ™ is a global travel company, specializing in premium tours around the world since 2006.

Our clients are knowledgeable, curious people and discerning travelers who want to go beyond standard sightseeing to experience the authentic character and culture of each country while enjoying the comfort of quality accommodations, the fascinating stories and insights of our professional private tour guides, and a tailor-made itinerary perfectly suited to each group.

We offer a variety of premium tour packages to various destinations, meticulously organized from the planning stage through the return home. You can reserve a customized tour for a couple or your private closed group and leave the organization in our capable hands without worrying about a thing. Among the destinations we offer you can find Russia, Japan, South Africa, Ukraine, Belarus, Portugal, Poland, the Central Asian countries: Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, the Caucasian countries: Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, the Baltic States: Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia, and more.

The name of our company was a natural and immediate choice. People use the word ‘authentic’ in various contexts, but its precise definition is ‘original and genuine, not false or copied.’
The name Authentico (authentic + company) reflects all the elements of our business philosophy as an organization: our objectives, our people, our concepts of management, and our relations with employees, customers, and suppliers. This is what guides us in our choice of destinations, employees, and guides, as well as in the development and design of our tours, in our contracts with suppliers, our advertising in the various media, our agreements with customers, etc. 

More about Authentico™

We invite you to come with us on a fascinating cross-continental journey to a destination that you’ve dreamed of visiting, on a private tour with a closed group or a family heritage tour. You can ride the Trans-Siberian Railway to Russia, Mongolia, and China, cruise the rivers in Russia on a five-star riverboat, or enjoy another thrilling adventure planned just for you.
With the advantage of our extensive knowledge and experience we design a unique customized tour for each client individually, so each can experience the same country in a totally different way, according to his/her fields of interest. Our experts will be glad to really get to know you, to understand just what you’re looking for, and to choose with you and for you the route that best suits your group, helping you make your dream a reality. In all the tours we organize, we pay attention to the smallest details and grant our travelers optimal attention and personal service.

Join the club of Authentico‘s satisfied members and you, too, can enjoy unique experiences at reasonable prices.

Authentico™ is an Official Partner of:

  • The international chain Best Eurasian Hotels.
  • Russian Railways that operates the Trans-Siberian private train «Imperial Russia».
  • Volga Dream Cruises that operates the premium riverboat on Russia’s waterways.
  • The Georgian Tourism Association.


  • Private Guided Tours

    Authentico is a global company with branches around the world and it employs local guides at all the tour destinations. Therefore our private travel packages are based on profound, well-established personal knowledge. Thanks to our knowledge, experience, and international ties, we can customize a one-time private tour for you that will let you enjoy everything your destination has to offer and make sure you don’t miss a thing. Private guided tours are available for individuals or groups of any size.

  • Family History Tours

    At Authentico we have the best experts for organizing terrific Family History Tours in the Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia,  Estonia, Russia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan. Our extensive knowledge of these countries allows us to artfully intertwine your family’s roots at your destination and the local attractions, villages, synagogues, Jewish quarters, etc.

  • Trans-Siberian Railway Tours

    Authentico invites you to join a once-in-a-lifetime journey aboard the «Imperial Russia» Trans-Siberian train to Russia, Mongolia, and China.
    The interiors of the «Imperial Russia» Luxury Train are decorated in the Russian Imperial style, evoking the atmosphere of tsars’ palaces and noblemen’s mansions.
    Authentico is among the select companies privileged with the status of ‘Official Partner’ of Russian Railways, which operates the «Imperial Russia» private train.

  • Russian River Cruises

    Cruising down the rivers of Russia on the Volga Dream boutique riverboat – the ultimate dream vacation for anyone who wants to discover the real Russia on the waterways of this vast country and experience a unique adventure in luxurious comfort.
    Limited passenger numbers, gourmet food and impeccable service combined with Russia’s stunning countryside and fascinating cultural history: that’s our recipe for making the Volga Dream an ‘unmissable’ Russian experience.

  • Shore Excursions

    Authentico offers shore excursions for cruise passengers arriving in St. Petersburg, the most beautiful of Russia’s cities.
    Want a tour just for you and your own private group? Are you interested in a customized tour? Reserve a private guided coastal tour (from 2 travelers upward) with the experts at Authentico.

Meet the ​Authentico™ Tour Guides