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Tours to Baltic States: Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia

Private & Tailor-made Guided Trips to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia & Family History Tours in Baltic States

Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia are the countries spread along the northern shores of the Baltic Sea and are known as the Baltic States.

Latvia borders on Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, and Belarus, and is opposite Sweden, which lies across the Baltic Sea. Latvia’s landscapes are beautiful and its lovely capital city, Riga, has a rich Jewish past. Jurmala, Riga’s resort town, is a short ride away, and Riga’s wealthy have weekend retreat homes there. Sigulda, another resort town in the area, is known as “Switzerland of Latvia”. It overlooks a magnificent National Park, with green forested hills surrounding a broad, lush valley.

Lithuania borders on Latvia, Belarus, Poland, and Russia. The Jewish community of Lithuania was among the largest and most important in Eastern Europe, so many Jews go on family heritage tours there. Vilnius (Vilna) , the capital city, is one of the most beautiful cities of the Baltic region. Kaunas, also known as Kovno, is the second largest city in Lithuania, and its old quarter was mostly populated by Jews. The city of Trakai, about an hour’s drive from Vilnius, is the ancient capital of the princes of Lithuania, situated in the heart of a beautiful area of lakes. It has a museum that tells the story of the Karaite culture.

Estonia is one of the Baltic republics that won their independence from the former Soviet Union in 1991. The capital of Estonia, Tallinn, is a beautiful city with ancient houses and city walls, and paved streets and alleyways with cafes, boutiques, and more.

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