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Luxury Azerbaijan Tours, Private & Tailor-made Guided Trips to Azerbaijan

From ancient times, Azerbaijan has been known as the “Land of the Holy Fire.” Rich in oil and natural gas deposits, it became the center of Zoroastrianism (an ancient Persian religion) and drew ‘fire worshippers’ from around the world.

Azerbaijan served as an important station along the famous Silk Road. This ancient land promises many exciting andwonderful attractions, such as Bronze-Age wall paintings, medieval mosques, world-renowned carpets, rich culture, tantalizing cuisine, and beautiful landscapes. The enchanting capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, was built around a bay on the Caspian Sea. Baku offers a Western, cosmopolitan experience with pleasing aromas of the East. A walk through the Old City of Baku takes you on a trip through the pages of “Arabian Nights”. The Old City, “Icheri Sheher”, is surrounded by a wall from the Middle Ages and invites you to explore its winding streets, and visit the mosques, the Palace of the Shirvan Shahs, and the mysterious Maiden Tower, the symbol of Baku. Now is the time to visit Azerbaijan and enjoy as yet unspoiled authenticity, first-time experiences, and moving personal encounters. Be among the first to tell everyone about this fascinating and enchanting region.

Authentico offers private tours to Azerbaijan, the Land of the Holy Fire! We’ll be happy to advise you in choosing the route that best suits your needs.

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