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What’s the difference between an organized tour and a private guided tour?

Authentico Team | 12/27/2017

You want to travel somewhere exotic, special, and new – the kind of place you’ve never been to and never thought you’d visit, like a country in the Eastern Europe, for example, or in Japan or Africa. You get down to planning the trip and realize that traveling on your own isn’t really an option. There are so many things to take care of, so much you need to know, and it requires a huge amount of time and effort to put together a satisfying tour in one of these special destinations. But why knock yourself out? Today you can join an independent or organized tour accompanied by guides who help you get from place to place, saving you lots of time planning and organizing the trip, and also teach you a thing or two you never could have learned had you been traveling on your own.
In the past the only option for traveling with a guide was an organized tour, but in recent years it’s become possible to go on a private guided tour. What’s the difference between them and which is preferable? Read on and find out.

The organized tour – what is it and who is it best for?
An organized tour is a group tour organized ahead and made up of people who don’t know each other. The target audience for organized tours is usually those who aren’t seasoned travelers and wouldn’t manage on their own in a foreign country. Sometimes families celebrating a special milestone join such a tour. The group usually meets once or twice near their place of residence before the flight and then everyone meets up with the tour guide at the airport and they fly together to their destination. The group stays together throughout the tour and everyone visits the same sites, sleeps in the same hotels, and eats in the same restaurants. From time to time, as decided by the guide, the group gets some free time. On an organized tour, a number of destinations are usually combined.

The new opportunity: a private guided tour
A private guided tour is a combination of independent travel and an organized tour. On the one hand, you travel alone in a private group of two or more people who already know each other and arrive as a group without sharing a trip with strangers. Also, in contrast with an organized tour, the participants are actively involved in planning the trip from the start, allowing them to customize the itinerary according to their fields of interest. On the other hand, they don’t have to navigate for themselves and they’re accompanied by a guide who makes the whole trip easy. The guide accompanies them from the moment they step off the plane until they board the flight home, explains every site they visit, helps them with travel, accommodations, and meals, and essentially relieves them of all the distractions that might keep them from thoroughly enjoying the trip. A private guided tour is especially suited to people who want to travel comfortably with family members or friends whose company they enjoy, broaden their knowledge, and enjoy a profound and unique experience.
We at Authentico offer private guided tours to a very wide range of destinations, customized for each and every customer’s unique desires. We offer different types of trips to many different destinations around the world, making the whole world easily accessible to everyone.

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