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We returned from a visit to St. Petersburg that was wonderful!

We returned from a four-day visit (+two days travel to and from) to St. Petersburg that was wonderful! The main factor in the success of the tour was our tour guide, Viktor, who as you promised us was terrific!
He’s a charming man, very gentle and pleasant, and he’s a living encyclopedia of history, art, and life today in St. Petersburg. His love for his city erupts from every sentence of his, and he passed it along to us as well.
St. Petersburg is a marvelous city – beautiful, monumental, and fascinating. Central to the tour were, as expected, the big attractions – Peter and Paul Fortress, the Hermitage that was an unforgettable experience, the fountains of Peterhof, Yusupov Palace (including a reenactment of the murder of Rasputin), a nighttime tour and watching the opening of the bridges, and a visit to two metro stations that represent the Soviet period. Everything was very intensive, and well organized by Viktor regarding the schedule. We also attended a folklore performance by Cossacks, predictably very commercialized, but very pleasant to listen to and watch, and presenting the sources of Israeli folklore. It was the first time in our lives that we stayed at such a high-level hotel – Astoria –that’s a wonderful historic hotel from 1912, very pleasant with excellent service. The organizational aspect was flawless, from the meeting with Viktor and the nice driver, Oleg, at the airport to the ride to the airport for the early morning return flight.
It was our first visit to Russia, and contrary to many countries in Europe that we’ve visited in our long lives, here we wouldn’t have managed on our own. Most of the Russians don’t know English, the street signs are all in Cyrillic letters, so that even with a map it would be hard to get oriented. We’re glad that despite the cost that isn’t at all cheap, we chose this tour.
We greatly appreciate your help in organizing the tour.
With best wishes and thanks,
Prof. Yehoash Hirshberg

Prof. J. Hirshberg | 08/01/2016
  • Tour Guide in St. Petrsburg: Viktor
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