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Trans-Siberian Railway Journey aboard the Private Train «Imperial Russia»

Authentico invites you to join a once-in-a-lifetime journey aboard the «Imperial Russia» Trans-Siberian train to Russia, Mongolia, and China.

Russia is a mysterious country and many tried to understand it but even Lev Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoyevsky wrote about the Russian restless soul torn between oriental traditions and western civilization. To understand Russia one should get on a train and cross it from the West to the East.
For this purpose the Trans-Siberian Railway will be perfect — the most famous railway in the world — the path to the heart of Russia.
Thousands of kilometers from the shores of the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean — you will hear the beating of the iron heart, what it is silent about, what it is inspired by. Just trust in the road and the country will reveal its unexpected sides.
The journey itself is reason enough to take this trip through the vast forests of Russia and the open steppe and desert of Mongolia before finishing in vast China, a destination in itself.
Travel on the Trans-Siberian Railway through Russia, Mongolia and China suggests you an opportunity to see world metropolises such as Moscow, Ulaanbaatar and Beijing as well as the varied landscapes along the route.

Authentico™ has the status of Official Partner of Russian Railways that operates the Trans-Siberian private train «Imperial Russia».

2019 Prices & Dates

2019 Prices & Dates | Trans-Siberian Train «Imperial Russia»

Prices per person in double occupancy
First Class
Moscow - Beijing 15 days23 June-07 July
18 August-01 September
Beijing - Moscow 15 days01-15 July
26 August-09 September
Moscow - Vladivostok 14 days24 May-06 June
21 July-03 August
12.840$ 11.965$7.855$7.265$
Vladivostok - Moscow 14 days04-17 June
01-14 August
12.840$ 11.965$7.855$7.265$
Moscow - Ulaanbaatar 12 days23 June-04 July
18 - 29 August
Ulaanbaatar - Moscow 12 days04-15 July
29 August-09 September

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