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The trip to Uzbekistan was superbly organized

I would like to tell you that the trip was superbly organized, and conducted according to plan.
The tour guide we were given, Bakhrom, was excellent: his English was great, he had a sense of humor, and he was very knowledgeable about history, culture, cuisine, politics, the Soviet Union, markets, etc.
He took care of us until late at night and didn’t leave us until he made sure that we had gotten our rooms at the hotel and we were set for dinner, He was very patient with every request.
The evening we were hosted at a local home was enchanting and very successful and we all enjoyed it very much.
The midibus we got was very large and comfortable. The drivers were experienced and drove appropriately for the road conditions.
The trip opened a window for us to an unknown world, a very special culture. The sites were interesting and very different from what we’re familiar with.
The Uzbeks are very nice and polite people. We felt safe walking around even late at night. There were security people all over.
It’s a totalitarian country and at every crossing you have to pass security checks, but in many of the places they gave us, as tourists, priority and allowed us to pass the lines.
Their policy is to encourage tourism, so tourists are given priority everywhere.
The hotels we stayed at were in great locations and were the best at the places we visited.
Although we were in good and very popular restaurants and we didn’t eat on the streets, towards the end of the trip many of us had upset stomachs, which detracted a bit from our enjoyment of the trip.
Thank you very much!

Z. Lichtenfeld | 10/14/2017
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