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The Hvizdets descendents group (a heritage tour to Ukraine)

I want to thank you for the family heritage trip that was organized by you for us, the Hvizdets descendents group. For me it was an experience that won’t be forgotten.
I had a very special feeling that’s hard to explain when we toured the town of our dear ones. We walked on the road where our grandparents, parents, and relatives walked, and it seems that nothing there has changed. Only the walkers are different…I was moved to tears at the welcome that awaited us at the entrance to the town hall – mainly from hearing the children’s musical presentation and to receive, although not personally, the round loaf – as a gesture of respect and hospitality. Not to mention the search for the past in the abandoned and shattered cemetery.
The encounter with the sad past, with the tragedy that befell our people there in the foreign land won’t be forgotten. Very important was the expansion of the journey with additional content such as: the local history and culture, the tours of the cities and the Jewish remnants in them, the passing look at towns that appear as if time has stood still, and more.
I want to note the constant concern, the quality of the guides, the standard of the hotels, and the secure feeling that we’re in good hands.
We were fortunate that the quality of the group, the togetherness that was created (that wasn’t a foregone conclusion), the patience and tolerance throughout the journey, was our privilege.
My expectations were fulfilled and exceeded…With warm wishes and thanks

R. Landwer  | 09/23/2013
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