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The family heritage tour to European countries

To the Authentico Company, Greetings,
The family heritage tour to European countries – for the three couples of our family
Many, many thanks for the attention, the patience, the fulfillment of every request, the excellent tour guides you put at our disposal at each place, for organizing the program, the flights, the trains, the hotels, the consideration for us 70-80-year-olds…. It’s not easy to integrate so many places that we wanted to visit – the roots of all of us span 5 countries (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, and Lithuania), 25 sites, settlements, monuments, and streets.
You helped us understand the scope of the “journey”, identify the places, some of whose names had changed, mark them on the map, you guided us in writing to archives, building a logical, interesting itinerary that combined our personal roots and our Jewish roots in each place we visited.
These are the roots we searched for and found, all thanks to Dov and the excellent team of guides he arranged and the wonderful atmosphere we had among us – all three weeks of the journey.
Thank you very much from all of us.

N. Kaplan | 10/14/2017
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