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Family Heritage Tours in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia

In the past few generations, millions of people have emigrated from one country to another. Many of us are the children or grandchildren of immigrants, or perhaps émigrés ourselves. The countries we or our forebears came from are an integral part of the identity of each and every one of us.

As we feel a need to learn our family history in depth, more and more people are showing an interest in heritage tours to their countries of origin, with the aim of exploring the local culture, atmosphere, and lifestyle in order to try and understand how their parents and grandparents lived.

Authentico specializes in planning custom family history tours and offers heritage tours in Poland, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and the Baltic States – Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

We at Authentico believe that every person is different and every group of travelers has its own unique needs. Therefore our mission is to provide each and every customer with a unique program. Our knowledge and experience allow us to design a unique one-of-a-kind tour in accordance with the travelers’ wishes and needs. Tailor-made tours by Authentico are the high-quality options for anyone interested in a family history tour.
Each tour we design has a different price, according to the unique characteristics of the tour and variables such as the size of the group, the length and season of the tour, the destinations, the class of the hotels, methods of transportation, types of activities, and the like.

The stages of planning and carrying out a tailor-made family heritage tour:

  1. Gathering the information in the family’s possession, learning and understanding the travelers’ characteristics and needs.
  2. Building the tour package: Developing a preliminary route and presenting it, assessing the budget, and detailing the services we’ll provide.
  3. Adjusting the route as necessary/synchronizing expectations.
  4. Setting out.

For consultation and development of a unique tailor-made family history route and tour package, there is a fee of $180 (USD). This payment is refunded upon purchase of a tour package.

At Authentico we have the best experts for organizing terrific heritage tours in the Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia.
Our extensive knowledge of these countries allows us to artfully intertwine your family’s roots at your destination and the local attractions, villages, synagogues, Jewish quarters, etc.

Authentico is the Official Partner of the international chain Best Eurasian Hotels™.

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