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In August we traveled to beautiful Georgia

In August we traveled to beautiful Georgia with the Authentico Company and it was wonderful.
We reached the company by chance while searching for organizers of independent tours to Georgia and we decided to choose Authentico – a decision we didn’t regret.
The trip was organized down to the last detail, while giving our wonderful tour guide, Elza, flexibility that allowed changes of course and emphasis according to our wishes – that’s how we got to swim in the Black Sea, for example, something that wasn’t planned in advance. We arrived in Georgia with no prior knowledge of the land and its inhabitants beyond what we had read in brief, and we came back in love with the country, its culture, and its people – and there’s no doubt that we’ll want to return and tour some of the enchanting areas there.
We have nothing but warm words regarding the organization and the wonderful trip.

The Gabay family | 09/12/2014
  • Tour Guide in Georgia Elza
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