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Impressions from the trip on the Trans Siberian Railway

From 8/27/2017 to 9/16/2017 we participated in a journey by train from Beijing to Moscow.
The following are the impressions:
1. The trip indeed perfectly matched the advertisements on the Authentico Company website
2. As to organization and planning – it was precise, according to schedule.
3. The sites – The sites we visited were varied and interesting – in Beijing we visited all the famous tourist attractions, the guidance in the city was very good and the tour guide was attentive to our requests. For example: we wanted to see the Olympic Village and although it wasn’t in the program, the tour guide took us to the village. Mongolia – quite fascinating, surprising, and the welcome there was impressive. The tours of the cities of Russia: In all the cities we had excellent guidance, in each city there were highlights specific to the city.
4. The content: As mentioned, excellent guidance, beyond which we were privileged to be exposed to a lot of unique folklore – we met the Buryats in Ulan Ude, the Tatars in Kazan, we were exposed to Mongolian music and Russian folklore.
5. The food – We were served three meals a day, when the meals weren’t on the train we ate in good, fancy restaurants in the different cities – here it’s important to note – a lot of time was spent on meals. The time spent in restaurants was very long and that’s a shame because we could have toured more.
6. The train – The conditions on the train were very good – a high level of cleanliness, the service in every car was courteous, the meals were good, and we were always served hospitably. The only flaw that detracted somewhat was a problem with the hot water in the showers – I, for one, showered only once with hot water, the rest of the showers were freezing.
In conclusion: The tour was perfect, every moment was surprising, the organization and planning were flawless. I warmly recommend it to anyone interested in this journey.
Yael and I thank you for the service we got from the beginning of the trip to its end. I’m attaching some pictures, in the event that you’d like more, I’ll add.
Esti Barouchi

E. Barouchi | 10/10/2017
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