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Why should you go on a Family History Tours?

Authentico Team | 01/31/2018

In the past few generations, millions of people have emigrated from one country to another. Many of us are the children or grandchildren of immigrants, or perhaps émigrés ourselves. The countries we or our forebears came from are an integral part of the identity of each and every one of us. Schoolchildren are encouraged to research their family trees and learn about their roots because knowing our history adds meaning to our lives and helps us move ahead.
Later in life, as well, we feel a need to learn our family history in depth. More and more people are showing an interest in heritage tours to their countries of origin, with the aim of exploring the local culture, atmosphere, and lifestyle in order to try and understand how their parents and grandparents lived.

A Family Heritage Tour or Family History Tour: a trip abroad in a different atmosphere
If your country of origin doesn’t prohibit you from visiting, you should set out on a fascinating, once-in-a-lifetime journey following your roots. It’s always nice to travel abroad, whatever the destination. Everywhere we go we get to know a different culture, hear a foreign language, and absorb a bit of the place’s past. But imagine a trip where you feel that you’re a part of the place’s history, a tour that connects you to your roots. On a family roots trip you can visit the places where you or your relatives grew up, absorb the atmosphere, breathe in the aromas that accompanied your childhood, and maybe even meet people you or your family knew in the past.
The tours we at Authentico offer are accompanied by a private guide who knows all the nuances of the place, so even if it’s your first visit to your parents’ or grandparents’ country of origin, or if it’s been many years since the last time you were there, you’ll have a guide who knows the country today and will be able to direct you to the authentic places that are the most meaningful to you, the very places you set out to find.

Family History Tours by Authentico: Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Latvia, and other fascinating destinations
The places you can go on a heritage tour with us are Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and more. Every trip is custom tailored for you and you can even combine two adjacent destinations in one tour.
On a family heritage tour to Belarus, for example, you’ll also visit Minsk, which was an important center of Jewish life in Eastern Europe until World War II, the village of Khatyn that was burnt by the Nazis and has an impressive monument, and the city of Baranovich, where there was a large Jewish community.
On the family roots tour to Poland, as well, you can visit sites that are significant for all the Jews of Poland, such as the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw, the palace of Izrael Poznanski, the Jewish textile tycoon and philanthropist, in Lodz, and the Jewish Quarter of Krakow that holds eight synagogues and a Jewish cemetery.
On the family history tour to Ukraine you can visit Kiev, Lvov, Zhytomyr and Rovno, Odessa and Vinnytsia, and many other towns and villages where Jewish history left an indelible mark.
If this article has tempted you to take an interest in your past and go on a heritage tour in your country of origin, you’re welcome to read more about the variety of destinations we offer and to book a private guided tour to your destination. We promise you an empowering and unforgettable experience.

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