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Family heritage tour to Ukraine – the Gwozdziec group

We located Authentico through the internet. Our group numbered 24 people, with the factor common to all of us being that all of our parents were born in a small village in Ukraine called Gwozdziec, near Kolomyya and Horodenka, that in its heyday had about 2500 residents, most of them Jewish. The organization of the trip was exemplary, with the utmost attention given to the needs of the group. Together with Authentico, we built a unique itinerary centered around the visit to the village, which was very moving. All this was accompanied by an amazingly meticulous envelope of good hotels, a bus, an excellent driver, guides, adherence to kosher food for those interested, and every detail that helped the trip pass without even the smallest of problems.
The organization of family heritage trips is not a simple matter. The focus and the emphases are in fields that aren’t addressed in the regular organized tours.
To the delight of all the participants, the trip was a success and Dov had a major role in that success.

A. Sarig | 09/25/2013
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