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At the end of September we returned from a great trip to Armenia

Greetings, Authentico,
At the end of September we returned from a great trip to Armenia, which you “tailored” for us with personal and precise planning. The tour guide, Sona, and the driver, Khatchik, two especially pleasant people, did their jobs perfectly and went even further, naturally and charmingly presenting us with the Armenian experience on a personal note, as they live it day to day.
In addition to the heritage sites, the temples and monasteries, the many khachkars, and in addition to the spectacular geological phenomena, we learned that an Armenian man will always receive (demand) a cheese platter with every meal, and will always have Turkish coffee for dessert, and that the youngest son in the family will continue living with his parents in order to see to their welfare. We ate Lavash (local flatbread), baked in a Tonir (an oven built into the ground), Harisa (a soft “porridge” of chicken cooked for a long time with barley or burghul, as well as Tolma (vine leaves stuffed with meat)…and even excellent Italian pizza in vibrant Yerevan.
We gazed with Armenian longing at Masis and Sis, the two peaks of Mt. Ararat, which is sacred to the Armenians, but located, alas, on hostile Turkish land.
In the market we bought a duduk, a local wooden flute with a deep, soft sound, at the roadside stands we bought dried fruit and sujukh, the long, thin, sausage-like Armenian sweet made of date and nut paste…One of the highlights of the tour was a superb Armenian-style performance by the classical ballet troupe in Yerevan’s sumptuous opera house of the ballet Gayane, by the Armenian composer Aram Khatchaturian, with the fast sabre dance, the colorful costumes, and the matching backdrop.
We found the Armenians to be hospitable, with many things in common with us, a small nation dependent on a large diaspora, challenged by Muslim neighbors, with a history of genocide, and more…
For the flowing communication, the efficiency, and the excellent organization that was carried out without any problems, our thanks to Authentico.
It was interesting, we loved Armenia, we warmly recommend it.

Z. Bercovitch | 10/17/2017
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