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A trip with friends to Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the Golden Ring

Our trip was wonderful. We managed to see a lot, to learn a lot, and to enjoy every minute. Although we didn’t have the privilege of seeing the Russian people and how life truly is in today’s Russia, it was a wonderful peek at Russian culture, the splendid Czarist past, and also a bit of the less wonderful periods that the area went through. The trip was well organized, the vehicles were good, and the hotels were good. Even the weather smiled at us most of the time.
I (and on behalf of all of us) would especially like to praise Sergei, the charming tour guide you arranged for us in Moscow. Sergei is super-intelligent and, no less important , emotionally intelligent. The ability to understand the group and its needs, to grasp the changes that were necessary due to the weather, our wishes, our mood – exceptional. His knowledge is broad and profound, and he’s adaptive and attentive to the group’s needs. He’s responsible and dedicated, and took care of all our needs even when we said we’d manage on our own. In addition, he’s a delightful guy, patient, with a sense of humor and good-hearted. By the way, the ballet we arranged for at the last minute was outstanding.
We had the privilege of seeing “Scheherazade” with a terrific Korean dancer named Kim Kimin, and it was a spectacular chord on which to end the experience.
In conclusion, thank you for everything, it was a great success, and I’ll be happy to recommend you if needed.

I. Tabenkin | 06/29/2016
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