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A trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg and a family heritage tour in Belarus

I came to you to organize a trip for us to Moscow and St. Petersburg and in addition a family heritage tour to the town of Luninets in Belarus, where our fathers grew up. You didn’t spare any effort in order to discover our roots, you activated your many connections, you got us their address [1908], and you got us together with the journalist Tatiana from Luninets, who welcomed us, together with the head of the regional council, high school students who welcomed us with loaves of bread and huge baskets of strawberries, and a group of Luninets people.
In addition, you discovered where my father grew up – Meir Domenitz Dvir of blessed memory, in Brisk [Brest] – at the home of his aunt and uncle, Yisrael and Rachel Frenick. Unbelievable! All this from bits of information I had from “Yizkor” books and from information my father had [who was himself in Luninets in 1992.] Dov, the page is too short to tell the whole story – but the results are entirely thanks to you.
We began our journey in Moscow when wonderful, immensely knowledgeable, skilled and intelligent Rita welcomed us.
The tour infrastructure was flawless, we saw everything possible in the city, the Red Square, the Kremlin, a ride on a yacht, Sparrow Hills, the cathedrals, the synagogue, St. Basil, the metro, Poklonnaya, Tretyakov, the Jewish museum, and more…we had the privilege of being at the Bolshoi twice! …with the gentlemanly driver being friendly and wonderful Rita accompanying us every step of the way. Organization, patience, hotels – simply perfect
We finished off with the terrific “Bolshoi” restaurant, we saw “Don Pasquale” and the ballet “Ivan the Terrible”.
We set out for St. Petersburg on the high-speed “rocket” train, there we were welcomed by the charming Julia and Oleg, the driver. We saw, we tasted, we smelled, all the delightful treasures of the city with outstanding guiding and exemplary organization. The Hermitage, the palaces, Peter and Paul, Catherine the Great, the Faberge museum, Pushkin, Yusupov, Peterhof, the bridges, the white nights, St. Isaac, the Grand Choral Synagogue, the Amber Room, the Church of the Savior, a boat ride, and more…every tile and sidewalk – we saw it all.
And in addition we pampered ourselves with the “Don Quixote” ballet and the opera, “Tosca”. There are no words! Wonderful, magical, a dream!
I would like to thank the battery of our guides and drivers, Rita, Julia, Oleg, Irina, Sergei, Tatiana from Pinsk, Tatiana from Luninets, the head of the council, the people of Luninets, the youth of Luninets, Chaim from Brisk, who did a great deed, our deepest thanks to everyone who took part in this magical trip
Thanks from me and from Marilyn

Sally Greenberg & Marilyn D Metz | 06/21/2016
  • Tour Guide in Moscow Rita
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