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A tour of Moscow – it was a very successful, enjoyable trip

We returned a little over a week ago from Moscow. It was a very successful trip, enjoyable, interesting, and meticulously done from the moment we landed until we took off.
First of all, you deserve thanks for the superb organization, flexibility and accessibility by phone and whatsapp for every request.
Rita, the tour guide, was very nice and knowledgeable in art history, and open regarding everything about today’s Russia. Her English was good. She was flexible with the itinerary as needed and according to our requests.
Thanks also to the drivers who accompanied us who were courteous, despite the fact that they don’t speak English.
The St. Regis Hotel was super, both in location and in the service and the rooms.
In short, we had a great time and we’ll be happy to use your services again

T. Lombrozo | 09/18/2016
  • Tour Guide in Moscow: Rita
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