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Prepare to fall in love: A tour of Armenia like you’ve never known

Authentico Team | 02/28/2018

Most people don’t know much about Armenia, but everyone who visits the country falls in love with it. This may be thanks to its fascinating history – a large kingdom that later became the first Christian country in the world, that despite its belonging to the Persian Empire succeeded in retaining its language and its traditions throughout history. Perhaps it’s thanks to the hospitable Armenians, but what’s certain is that if you haven’t yet visited Armenia, there are plenty of reasons why you simply have to get there.
The fascinating country is located in the Caucasian region and it offers a perfect combination of ancient history, which can be discovered at historical sites and in museums, and breathtaking scenery. Armenia has 200 rivers, forests, valleys, and waterfalls that make anyone traveling there feel like they’re inside a picture postcard.
Art, a museum, and Armenian brandy, what more do you need?
Among the must-see sites in Armenia is Yerevan, the vibrant capital city, that offers a wealth of varied entertainment, from the famed Cascade Arts Complex, through the Armenian Genocide Memorial, to the Matenadaran Museum, where an impressive collection of ancient manuscripts is on display. Also not to be missed is the famous brandy distillery that offers samples of the finest brandy you’ve ever tasted.
Armenia is a landlocked country that borders on Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey. Nevertheless, it’s endowed with a huge lake 2000 meters above sea level whose shores are lined with villages, churches, and historical relics, where the scenery is crowned with the snowcapped Caucasian Mountain Range.
A visit to the Silk Road and Mount Ararat and hospitality in a local Armenian house
On the Silk Road there’s an interesting site – The Selim Pass, built in 1332 by Prince Orbelian Chesar, is a wonderful example of a caravanserai, or roadside inn, one of the prominent characteristics of the Silk Road. On the longer tours, it’s worthwhile to set aside some time to travel to the Armenia-Turkey border and visit the Khor Virap Monastery, which offers a spectacular view of the biblical Mount Ararat, the sacred mountain of Armenia.
On a trip to Armenia by Authentico, in addition to the amazing must-see attractions you can also experience the authentic Armenia with a visit to a local family who will welcome you with a traditional dinner and invite you to watch the famous bread-baking ceremony. Our private tours of Armenia are five to eight days long, and we offer even longer tours that include visits to the neighboring countries, such as a tour of Armenia and Georgia, or a tour of Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan.

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