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A private tour to Moscow and St. Petersburg

We are two retired couples who decided to visit Moscow and St. Petersburg for the first time. We searched for a tourism company that would help us with the trip planning, with recommendations of good tour guides, and with taking care of the necessary logistics. Through the internet we contacted Authentico.
We received the company representative’s suggestions for the planning of the trip, the choice of tour guides in both cities, and the travel arrangements such as hotel reservations, transportation, drivers, tickets to shows, etc. The tour guides were very good, clear, organized, and interesting. They were sensitive to our preferences and our fields of interest. Besides the sites on the itinerary, they filled us in on what’s happening in Russia today, the state of the residents, the economic situation, and more. They made our trip pleasant, successful, and unforgettable.
The four of us are seasoned travelers and we definitely found all the guides to be very good. In St. Petersburg, unfortunately, one of us had a health problem and there was no limit to the concern of Leonid, the tour guide, who helped us find medical help and translated the conversations between the doctor and the patient, and we thank him for it.
The logistical arrangements were very good. The tour guide and the driver met us at the exit from Customs at the airport in Moscow, took care of our luggage up to the rooms at the hotel, and likewise in St. Petersburg the tour guide and the driver met us at the train station and took care of us and our luggage. A car took us to all the sites and waited for us at the end of every tour.
We returned with deep impressions from our trip and we’re grateful to Authentico, the excellent organization that put its efforts into our journey.

Dr. Dalia and Prof. Raphael Trifon, Henya and Prof. Eliezer Schleifer | 09/16/2013
  • Tour Guide in St. Petersburg Leonid
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