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A private family heritage tour of Belarus and the Baltic States

The trip was great, interesting, moving, and provided a lot of food for thought. We’ll still need many days in order to digest all that we experienced and saw.
The organization was exemplary, both the tour guide and the driver were courteous and patient the whole length of the journey. Our visit to my father’s town of birth, Disna, was without a doubt the highlight of the trip. That experience was especially moving. In addition to the renewed encounter with childhood terrain, we had the close accompaniment of the mayor and a meeting with some of the local residents that added a lot. Thank you very much for your help in realizing our dream to reach Disna, we saw and experienced everything we came to see and even much more, and when we’re talking about a world that was and is no longer, it’s no small matter!

D. Kagan | 07/21/2013
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