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A family heritage trip to Belarus and Lithuania

We set out, 5 family members, to find our roots in the town of Chernavchitsy near Brest in Belarus.
We were assisted in the planning of the trip by the Authentico Company.
The crowning glory of our trip was the choice of the superb tour guide, Yulik, who filled our days with moving and informative experiences. We had a fascinating, exciting, interesting, and informative journey throughout Belarus, from Minsk through Mir, Kobryn, Brest, and Grodno, and as a bonus we also got Kovna and Vilnius in Lithuania.
The climax of the trip was the visit in the town of Chernavchitsy, there with the help of the mayor, our guide, and a small map we had brought with us, we found the house where our grandmother and grandfather, who were murdered in the Holocaust, had lived.
In that house our mothers grew up, before they emigrated to Israel in the 1930’s.
We thank the Authentico Company for this journey.

H. Raz | 06/15/2014
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