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A family heritage tour to Lithuania and Belarus

When my father/my father-in-law, Mordechai Bialik was still alive we planned to go on a family heritage tour in his footsteps to the regions of Lithuania and Belarus. After his passing about three months ago, the desire and the need to do so increased. We knew we would have to reach towns and villages that aren’t exactly central, some of which are in Belarus – a communist country where things are still conducted as they were in the Soviet Union 30 years ago. By chance we reached the Authentico representative, already from the first meeting we got the impression that the man knows what he’s talking about and he’s willing and able to plan and organize such a tour for us. The company accompanied us through all the stages of planning and preparation for the trip including getting visas for Belarus, finding the places (down to the specific house) that we wanted to visit, and other matters in a professional, responsible, and friendly way.
When we set out on the journey we were met by a guide who speaks excellent Hebrew, was already well informed about all the details and sewed up everything that was necessary.
The hotels, the travel conditions, and the rest were all high-standard and as we wished and above all the excellent guiding of William from Vilnius who stopped at nothing in order for us reach every place we wanted to and see everything we wanted. We realized an old dream and we felt as though we were actually visiting our relatives who are buried in Vilnius, in Dysna, in Minsk, in Radoshkovich, in Volozhin, and in Kovno- Slovodka. We saw a small part of the rich world of Torah that was and is no longer and we prayed at the graves of the great Tzaddiks who are buried there, the Vilna Gaon, Rabbi Chaim Volozhin, Rabbi Chaim Ozer, Rabbi Yitzchak Elchanan Spector, and others.
It was a moving, informative, and instructive tour.

The Ozeri family | 10/29/2013
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